Saturday, April 27, 2013

Recently finished this painting for the Harrison Center Homage Show. I am paying homage to the one and only Mab Graves! Mab's art is truly astounding, visit her beautiful art here: Come see the show May 3rd at the Harrison Center in the underground.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 Made from mostly clay and wood, this piece also uses a small assortment of found materials... including a large amount of wooden furniture casters.

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 An older piece made from an assortment of casters, brass curtain rods, a forklift part, and a two sided clay head.

 I traded this piece for some awesome artwork by the very talented Ryan Abegglen.

Visit his site here:
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 Aside from a single piece of art that I made in a college class, this is the earliest piece of sculpture that I made using an assortment of found materials and hand crafted parts.

I carved the figure, body and animal head from bass wood. Hemp was used for the fur, copper legs and motorcycle springs, a motorcycle fuel line, keys, rivets, nails, and an anchor cut from metal... all attached to the stone base.

I put off selling him as he was to be traded for a piece of custom made furniture. The deal never materialized, so he remains sitting in my studio like a totem to my sculptural beginnings.

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The Archangel of the Apocalypse

 This is a older piece of work and one of the first of my monkey/chimp driver pieces. It incorporates the use of clay, wood and an assortment of found objects.

Private collection of D. and G. Seybert
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The Red Rider

 Hand carved wooden head, and an assortment of old found objects.

He received a lot of press in the Tampa area as he was used as a promotional photo for the Gasparilla Art Fair years ago. I sold him just before going to the fair much to the dismay of the fair goers who wanted a look at him in person.

Private collection.
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